Concealed Carry Permit

Effective July 1, 2019... Concealed Carry without License:

The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill that allows people to carry concealed firearms without a permit or training.

Kentucky law previously required people to get a permit before carrying a concealed firearm. That process includes a background check, gun safety training and $60 fee.

With the passing of Senate Bill 150, it removes the permit requirement for anyone who's at least 21 years old and meets other legal rules for owning a gun.

Getting a concealed carry permit is still available under the new law but will no longer be mandatory after July 1, 2019.

As of July 12, 2006 , in accordance with House Bill 290 and the changes it made to KRS 237.110, anyone applying for a CCDW license or renewal must be a citizen of the United States. Therefore, applicants will need to fill out and sign a Citizenship Affidavit declaring citizenship to the United States , which will be attached to the application.
Another change that was made to KRS 237.110 states that of the $60 application fee, $40 of it must be a check or money order made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer, and any application submitted to the KSP that does not have the $40 fee with it will be returned unprocessed. The remaining $20, (of the $60 application fee), can be cash, check or money order made out to the Carlisle County Sheriff's Office. For more on House Bill 290, click the following link: http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/06RS/HB290/bill.doc

What Credentials Do You Need To Bring?

CCDW Application Fee
$40.00 - Application Fee (check or money order made payable to Kentucky State Treasurer)
$20.00 - Application Fee (cash, check or money order to the Sheriff's Office)
$60.00 - TOTAL

For more information and to obtain a listing of Certified Instructors in your County, go to DOCJT's 
"Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons License Training" web page.

For more information, visit the Kentucky State Police web site: https://kspportal.ky.gov/CCDW/Public/Login.aspx

Change of Personal Information

If you need to change personal information such as an address change you can obtain a form at the sheriff's office. We will forward that information to the Kentucky State Police. There is no charge to submit a change of personal information.

The Kentucky State Police will use the same picture from your current permit and produce a new card with the changed information on it.

They will send the card to us and send you a Flash Pak when it is done indicating you can pick up your new card at our Office.

Please bring your old card along.